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Packaging design and identity system for a new breed of energy drink. Made with natural nootropics that stimulate the mind.
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Shine Nootropics


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This work was completed whilst working as Head of Design at 50 Crates, working as part of a team and I would like to acknowledge 50 Crates as the owners and lead agency for this project. I was responsible for concepts and final design of the packaging as well as refining the logo and redefining the look and feel of the brand identity.
Design – Marcus Carman, Founder & Designer, Goodfifty.

For some products, the packaging is the brand. It's no surprise that the point of sale is arguably the biggest opportunity when influencing a purchase decision. Often in a supermarket or other retail packaging presents the opportunity to advertise 100% of people shopping in your category. Making packing a worthy investment and when it's done right it can have a dramatic positive impact on your sales.

Marketers will often push left-brain thinking and cover packaging with facts and neglect to bring any emotion to thedesign. Customers tend to process brand messages on packaging in sequence, they:

  1. notice the packaging
  2. wonder 'what is this?'
  3. ask themselves 'why should i care?'
  4. desire more information
  5. they compare the features, benefits, price, etc… to help them reach their final decision.

By beginning with features and benefits you skip the opportunity to stand out, create intrigue and educate the customer about your product.

Shine wanted to establish authority and increase brand recognition for being the first and only nootropic drink on the Australian market. Whilst firmly differentiating from the energy drink market with the Better Energy campaign.

For the packaging of Shine NootropicsDrink, we made the brand yellow the hero, helping the product to stand out on the shelf with bold block colour. The side panel features one strong brand message of 'Think. Feel. Do. Better' to build the customers intrigue, leading into a short description of what makes Shine Nootropics different. Above the ingredients, a quick checklist of the features and benefits to help solidify the purchase decision.

If you'd like to find out more about Shine and their nootropics drinks, check out shinedrink.com

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