Visual brand identity explained

December 2, 2021

Is a brand really a brand without an identity? Everything you need to know about developing a successful visual brand identity design.

Any business big or small can benefit from having strong visual brand identity.

Some visual brand identity systems can last many years, where as others may change, evolve and develop over time. In this post we will answer; what is visual brand identity? why is it important to invest in your visual brand identity?, when should you develop you visual brand identity?, and share some useful tips to help you build a strong visual brand identity for your business.

What is visual brand identity?

Often referred to as branding, rebranding or a rebrands, visual brand identity is the system of visual assets that create the look and feel of a brand. This system or ‘kit of parts’ pulls together defined visual elements such as colour, illustrations, imagery, logos, typography and more to create a visual aesthetic for your brand.

Why is visual brand identity Important?

We consider visual brand identity to be important for any business because it can influence whether your customers will take notice, and how they perceive and remember your band.

Customers anticipating new drop

Builds brand awareness

Getting people to notice your brand is known as brand awareness. If people are unaware and yet to discover your brand then you have no market. Increasing your brand awareness is the act of communicating to more people who you are and what you do. visual brand identity helps you increase brand awareness by consistently making your brand stand out amongst the competition.

Increase brand recognition

After people have noticed your brand, the question becomes: ‘Will they remember?’ this is brand recognition. Achieving good brand recognition can help to take your business to the next level, by speeding up the process of building your reputation amongst your customers. We believe it goes without saying that Visual brand identity helps make more memorable brands. We use symbols, colours and shapes to quickly decipher and make meaning of the world around us. Understanding semiotics, and applying it to your brand can increase your brand recognition. A well designed visual brand identity also works to establish a kit of parts, that work together to help your brand become recognisable beyond the use of your logo.

Visual brand identity can communicate your brand positioning

Once they’ve noticed and remembered your brand, the next question is ‘what do they think of you?’

How do your customers perceive your brand? The market perception of your brand can be influenced with brand positioning. This is the result of a process in which you make conscious decisions about core business attributes, such as; why your brand exists, who your brand seeks to serve, what it is, and what it isn’t. You can use brand positioning to ensure you are targeting the right market for your brand. It’s our opinion that the most successful examples of Visual brand identity reflect brand positioning.

Supreme Photography

When is the right time to consider visual brand identity?

There are many reasons to begin the process of branding or rebranding your business.

You may be:

  • starting a new business
  • changing your business name
  • repositioning for a new market
  • looking to ‘refresh’ or ‘mature’ your business
  • add consistency to your look and feel
  • merging companies
  • signalling a change in direction

We’ve helped businesses develop visual brand identity at various stages of their growth. Some desire revolution others require an evolution. Whatever your reasons, It’s important to understand what your goals are before beginning the process.

Helpful Tips When creating a Visual brand identity

They key tips for creating a Visual brand identity to be successful is to ensure its unique and ownable. Then consistent use of your Visual brand identity. Things to consider for your brand identity include:


Define the colour palette for your brand, pick a single colour or multiple colours and then stick to them. This will help people find your brand quickly, be it packaging on a shelf or in your advertising. Colour is a powerful tool to easily distinguish yourself amongst the competition. Think Coke Cola Red and Pepsi Blue.


With so many unique fonts and typefaces available today, its easy to find one to fit your brand identity. It’s good practice to pick a primary font for headlines and secondary font for your Visual brand identity. Font’s are a clever way to communicate with an audience beyond the messaging itself. A hand written font might say that your brand has a human touch, where as a modern font could show that you are professional.

Supreme’s Iconic Box Logo


Some brands use layout as a way of making their brand recognisable in the market. Holding shapes or composition styles can make your brand stand out. Uber’s rebrand cleverly took advantage of a U device in their compositions. 


Your logo doesn’t need to explain what you do, It just needs to be recognisable and identify your brand. Think of it like a stamp of approval. When your logo appears on your product or with your messaging it acts as your brands personal signature.


Will your brand identity design include real photography or light hearted illustrations. Each can help communicate important aspects of your business. You can show  your customers literal examples of your product or service or perhaps leave it more open to interpretation with suggestive illustrations.

Supreme cash money


Visual brand identity is a combination of different design elements working together to compliment each other and create a look and feel for your brand that is unique and ownable. Without a clearly defined Visual brand identity your business may not clearly communicate your brand positioning and could be missing out on opportunities to build strong brand awareness and brand recognition.

At Goodfifty we love working with our clients to design unique visual brand identity systems that help to grow their businesses. We can help you to take your branding to the next level. Our process strategically builds upon your businesses values and ensures we design a visual brand identity system that you and your customers love.

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