Giving Tea A Refreshing Cool Look
Packaging design for Origin Tea’s new range of Sparkling Iced Tea drinks.
Packaging Design
Origin Tea

Food and Beverage

Design - Marcus Carman

The Brief

“Help us make tea cool again. Can you concept and design the packaging for our new range of Sparkling Iced Tea’s? We want a ‘naturally refreshing’ twist on our existing brand look and feel, that speaks to our target market.”


Origin Tea’s recent brand refresh has helped lift the design standard for the entire business. We wanted to help Origin Tea enter the FMCG market with their first range of ready-to-drink products. The new Sparkling Iced Tea range needed to be a ‘naturally refreshing’ twist on the other existing product packaging design and clearly communicate the features and benefits of the product.


The approach was a collaborative effort with input from the client throught the concept phase. The final packaging design is a clear standout from the existing range that still belongs within the Origin Tea family. The bright colour palette and minimalist layout help to suggest the product features and benefits of low calories, vegan friendly and real brewed tea for natural flavour that offer consumers a ‘naturally refreshing’ taste.

Additional illustrations of fruits help provide at-a-glance flavour cues for the quick decision-making FMCG market, whilst also adding a fun and dynamic element to the packaging design.


Origin Tea released the Sparkling Iced Tea range online during the Black Friday weekend to great success.

“Origin Tea’s mission is a simple one: Make Tea Cool Again”

The brand took their mission literally when they created the new Sparkling Iced Tea range.

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