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Brand Identity System for financial planning practice based in the heart of Melbourne, Australia.
Brand Identity
Freshwater Associates



We were approached to take the name Freshwater Associates and create a brand from scratch for a Melbourne based financial planning practice planning to break away from a larger organisation to create a boutique firm.

We worked with the team at Freshwater associates and helped establish a brand positioning and tagline. Then create a logo, brand identity system and brand guidelines that could be used for many years to come.

After getting to know the owners, their business, and target market, we set out to design a brand that shares the desirable aesthetic of luxury fashion brands. The idea was to create a brand that uses glamour to encourage you to invest in your financial future. 

We wanted the brand to feel modern, yet established enough to trust with your money. For the brandmark, a contemporary logotype was set next to a modest wave symbol that signifies the name Freshwater. To create the lure of luxury fashion we chose a shade of Tiffany blue as a brand colour. Textures of freshwater landscapes serve to create movement and fluidity to designs.

The result is a refreshing departure from the typical corporate navy colour palette and sterile design popular in this sector. A brand identity that confidently separates itself from the competition.

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