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Re-evaluating a brand. A Logo and brand identity system and website design for a new agency targeting a new market.
Brand Identity
Evaluation Partners

Corporate - Evaluations, Research and Analysis


Evaluation Partners is a unique strategic agency with a predominantly female team and incredible work culture; determined to be honest, rigorous, radical and change the world. Operating under another name for many years already, the team came to us after realising an opportunity to double down on the evaluation services.

The team came to us with a name and brand strategy already in place. Our job was to help bring the new brand to life, by helping them with brand positioning, logo design, a brand identity system and brand rollout across design touchpoints, including the design and build of a website.

It was clear to us that we wanted to work with Evaluation Partners because of their enthusiasm and awesome team culture. We began by reviewing the brand strategy and looking for insights to help us position the brand appropriately. Having a brand strategy is super helpful when building a brand as it provides clarity, direction and insights. We then use this to develop a strong brand personality that will communicate effectively with the target audience.

We helped define the brand personality for Evaluation Partners through a series of team workshops, where outlined brand attributes that would support and focus direction for the design phase.

Evaluation Partners wanted a brand identity that would communicate their professionalism and experience, feel appropriately corporate to attract their client audience, whilst injecting a piece of their fun and unique business culture into the design.

We designed a brand identity system with a modern aesthetic using sans-serif typefaces and a corporate colour palette that combines a neutral light grey and complimentary navy.

To inject a little fun, a secondary colour palette introduces additional vibrant colours. Whilst compositions playfully layer geometric shapes as graphic devices.

The logo is a responsive design that adapts to different size applications. Pairing an explosive symbol with a logotype that is unconventionally bold for this sector. The aim is to communicate the big impact on clients businesses and the unique team culture.

Overall, we are happy to say that the team at Evaluation Partners were thrilled with the result.

We engaged Goodfifty to do our brand design and website and could not be happier with the result. - Katherine Post, CEO

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