What’s Your Type?
A brand identity for conceptual pizza restaurant that explores the relationship between typography and pizza.
Brand Identity
Mutton Quad
  • Retail
  • Food & Drink
Creative Direction – Marcus Carman
Design Credit – Marcus Carman

The branding for the restaurant positions itself for the typography geek who loves pizza as much as they love design. Creating a warm and welcoming vibe that encourages anyone to enjoy.

The restaurants name Mutton Quad pays tribute to the old days of setting lead type. The design uses a mix of traditional and well-known typefaces that's appearance mimic that of the paired pizza. 

Pizza's are split into categories defined by their type classification;

• Old fashioned favourites use blackletter typefaces

• Traditional – Serif typefaces

• Bold & Heavy – Slab serif typefaces.

• Classics – Sans Serif typefaces

• Gourmet – Script typefaces

• Desserts – Decorative typefaces. 

Font pairings with pizza include;Helvetia - Margarita, Clarendon – Meat feast and Georgia – Capriccosa. The option is available to choose your base the same way you would select a font-weight too.

I'm excited to share this branding& identity design for Mutton Quad – a conceptual restaurant.

The design explores the relationship between typefaces and pizza styles. A combination to please any typography geekwho loves pizza.

As a pizza and typography lover myself, this project was a fun opportunity to combine my passions for brandidentity, typography design and of course great food (pizza).

I've always admired some of the restaurant branding and identity design in Melbourne. This project allowed meto play with some design in this territory.

– Marcus Carman, Founder | Designer,Goodfifty.

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