Wood Family Making Apartments Easy
Logo design, brand identity system and brand guidelines for Melbourne based real estate services.
Brand Identity
Wood Property
  • Retail
  • Real estate
Work completed whilst working for Be Counsel.
Design – Marcus Carman

The Wood family have been in the real estate business since the early 1900s. The businesses has grown through multiple generations of the family.

Today the business operates as WoodProperty.

Managing Director, Andrew Wood, reached out to us to help add some consistency and alignment to the brand and identity.

Through multiple marketing efforts including the Talking Apartments podcast, and the bookApartments made easy authored by Andrew Wood. Andrew felt that the Wood family brand had become diluted. He wanted to somehow align Wood Property and TalkingApartments so that customers could quickly identify the Wood Property brand authority within the Talking Apartments platform.

By creating a simple Wood monogram and applying it to both Wood Property and Talking Apartments logo's, we were able to create a hybrid of a branded family and a family of brands.

The Wood monogram works as a device that allows for the instant identification of a product or service developed by the Wood family.

As part of this journey, the team participated in a discovery session to identify the brands' belief and differentiation. Allowing them to position themselves in the market as a true expert in buying, selling or managing an apartment.

To finish the work we created and identity system and a set of brand guidelines to allow the brand to explain it's belief and values internally and manage their consistency.

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