Sushi Sushi – It’s our obsession
Brand look and feel, creation of campaign artwork, brand book and brand guidelines for 'It’s Our Obsession' brand positioning.
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Sushi Sushi


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This work was completed whilst working as Head of Design at 50 Crates / Be Counsel. I would like to acknowledge Be Counsel as the owners of this work.
I was responsible for the design and application production of the brand book, guidelines and outdoor campaign. – Marcus Carman, Founder | Designer, Goodfifty.

In 2016 Sushi Sushi engaged in a series of workshops to rediscover the brand's relevance. After establishing the emotive drivers and truths, they were able to develop their belief. Which led to the brand positioning of ‘It’s our obsession.’

Sushi Sushi needed to develop a brand book, guidelines and campaign to communicate their positioning internally and externally.

To communicate an obsession for sushi, I developed a look and feel for the brand that was in line with authentic Japanese traditions minimalist and precise in every way. Using black backgrounds that hero the food, combined with emotive lifestyle imagery that communicates precision and satisfaction to the art of sushi.

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